Laser Tattoo Removal

Minimum $80 + hst

$15/Minute +hst of laser time for the first 10 minutes then,

$7/Minute + hst

Maximum $300 + hst

prices are per session at this time

Consultations are Required to Book. 

Consultations are required 

GRIM Studios offers FREE* laser removal sessions to

- Human Trafficking Tattoos 

- Gang or Prison Tattoos

- Racist or Hate Based Tattoos 

- Tattoos done by Predators in the Tattoo Industry

We do ask for a donation to GRIM's monthly charity flash program - whatever you can afford is appreciated.

* all are subject to approval and discretion is advised. We will ask for details of your experiences - this is not to be insensitive but to judge whether or not a tattoo qualifies. 

Tattoo Removal Pricing

Free Tattoo Removal