Updated May 2020

  • All tattoos require a Non-Refundable deposit of at least $60.00

  • Deposits on larger sits are 40% of the approximate quote (artist's hourly rate x approximate time)  
    ex. portrait by Hugh Jazz ($140/hr) - expected time (6hrs) = $840 x .40= $336

  • If you do not have a deposit, you do NOT have an appointment

  • You are expected to bring your deposit card to your appointment. We are NOT responsible for lost, damaged  or misplaced deposit cards. We will NOT redeem the card's value without the card present

  • We do NOT guarantee the time discussed with an artist without a deposit. You will be considered a "walk in" and we can not guarantee an artist will be available

  • You will lose your deposit if you CANCEL or RESCHEDULE the appointment within 24hrs. If you do not show up for an appointment you will also lose your deposit. Deposits are non-refundable, however if given more than 24hrs notice they may be transferred

  • You will lose your deposit if you reschedule a second appointment in a row even if you give 24hrs notice

  • If you are booking a tattoo that requires a custom drawing, you will be asked to put down a deposit of $60, if you change your mind on the tattoo or change the design or require large amounts of re-working on the design, you will be asked for another deposit of $60. If only minor changes are needed and you continue with the tattoo, the deposit will be used towards the overall cost of the tattoo upon completion

  • Deposits are for agreed upon tattoo, in the agreed upon location and for the original person only. They can not be transferred without prior discussion with shop management or artist

  • Deposits are carried over all appointments if the tattoo requires multiple sessions. The deposit will be deducted upon the final session

  • You can NOT pre-pay for a tattoo

  • Deposits are accepted in store with Cash or Credit Card or Online through PayPal or E-Transfer 


Updated May 2020

  • There is a $90+HST shop minimum. No exceptions

  • Artists' start at $120/hr

  • Artists have the right to price or quote tattoos either by the piece or hourly

  • Consultations are complimentary 

  • We do not charge extra for drawing time, however we require a deposit to start a drawing (see Deposit Policies)

  • Payments accepted: Cash or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX) PrePaid Credit Cards seldom work on our credit system

  • We do NOT accept Debit or Visa Debit

Updated May 2020

  • All tattoos done at GRIM include a free touchup within 90 days with the artists' discretion. If the tattoo was done at our shop by an artist no longer at the shop, we will honour the touchup. If you had an arrangement with an artist who is at our shop now for a touch up policy that is different than ours, the artist will be allowed to honour the previous agreement

  • Tattoos do not heal perfect and natural healing discolouration is normal. Clients who disregard healing recommendations will be refused for touchups

  • There are no touchups on hands, fingers, feet, elbows, knees etc. 

  • Touch up appointments cancelled, rescheduled within 24hours or no shows no longer receive a free touch up

  • Touch ups outside of 90 days on tattoos previously touched up for free or otherwise or tattoos that do not qualify for a free touchup will be charged $60+ (Tattoos done at our shop ONLY)

Updated May 2020

  • As appointments become available, they will be offered first to ongoing tattoos and then to new clients. Cancellations are offered in the same manner

  • Any major changes in design may result in you being cycled to the end of the waitlist

  • Appointments are non-transferable. You may NOT give your time to another client under any circumstances

  • We strongly recommend booking multiple appointments at once if you are working on a tattoo that requires multiple sessions to avoid long wait times between appointments.

Updated May 2020

  • You must be 18+ to get genitals, non basic piercings, surface, microdermals or nipples pierced.  No exceptions. ID is required. Parental consent is NOT accepted

  • You must be at least 16 with parent or legal guardian consent or 18+ to get tattooed. ID is required

  • You must be at least 14 with parent or legal guardian consent or 16+ to get basic piercings. ID is required

  • We will not pierce children under the age of six for ear lobes, ever. We will pierce children's earlobes if they are old enough to request the piercing for themselves, understand what it is they are getting, understand the required aftercare and can express any concerns or discomfort

  • We may not tattoos hands, necks or faces if you are not heavily tattooed, in the industry or have pre-existing tattoos in those areas 

  • We will not tattoo drug related images, gang affiliations, names of significant others, derogatory or discriminatory designs, racist or homophobic, negative images depicting religions or minorities, or any thing we deem inappropriate or offensive

  • We will ask anyone in gang colours or patches to either remove their symbols of gang affiliation or patches or leave. We will not tattoo anyone visibly in a gang or criminal organization

  • We photograph all tattoos and own the rights to these images and can use them however we see fit. If you would like us to remove images or blur out features of you to make images more anonymous - please email us

  • You can refuse to be photographed

  • All clients are on security cameras

  • Clients are allowed one person with them into the tattoo area, at the artist's discretion. Artists are able to ask guests to leave or sit at the front waiting area for any reason

  • We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave for any reason

  • We will NEVER tolerate racist, homophobic, discriminatory or offensive remarks. Grim City is a SAFE space for all minority groups & individuals and anyone who threatens that safe space is not welcome

  • We offer gender neutral bathrooms 

  • We are wheelchair accessible - we welcome clients with special needs or requests to call or email us before arriving so we can accommodate your needs as best we can 

  • We are never responsible for wrong spelling of names,  incorrect dates or translations in other languages

  • If you have questions or concerns about anything to do with the shop, healing, aftercare, sterilization practices, process, material etc - please feel free to ask to your satisfaction

  • We do offer tours of the shop and all our services



  • No Pets, Registered Service Animals Welcome

  • No children under 14 without supervision. Families are welcome but we are not responsible for their safety  or wellbeing



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