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Shane started tattooing in 2005 after completing a traditional apprenticeship in Hamilton Ontario. He is one of our most well rounded artists.


He enjoys water-colour & acrylic painting, pencil drawing, Photoshop and pin striping. Favouring representational, pop-surrealism/low-brow, urban, contemporary & abstract/non-objective art. Basically to translate: he is an art nerd. Shane will talk for hours about art, colour theory and design. (if we're being honest, Shane will talk for hours about pretty much anything)


Shane used to own his own studio in Caledonia until he chose to close to focus on the art versus management.

He has various schooling in fine art.


When he isn't tattooing, Shane is a musician, he practices Martial Arts. He enjoys strategy games, Star Wars. Comic books, building things, planning for the impending apocalypse and spending time with his wife, two kids and his grandkid.


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