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Tattoo Aftercare
What to Expect
  • Some swelling, redness, bruising and/or tenderness

  • For the first day, blood & secretions of a clear or ink coloured film or "slime"

  • Scabbing, cracking, dry skin, flaking after a few days

  • Itching & irritation 

  • Clothing & bedding may stick to the tattoo for the first few days

What to do

  • Leave bandage on for at least 24 hours and up to three days (as long as bandage seal over tattooed skin is 100% in tact - IF the seal is broken, IMMEDIATELY remove the tattoo *see below*)

  • Remove in hot shower, the heat and steam help loosen the wrap

  • Wash the tattoo thoroughly with unscented soap and water (NEVER use scented soaps, goats milk or any other type of cleaning product) 

  • Dry with paper towel or allow tattoo to air dry

  • Always wash hands prior to touching the tattoo & keep the tattoo clean 

  • Apply unscented moisturizer after 24 hours or when the tattoo starts to look dry & tight. Moisturize 1-2 times a day maximum

  • Do NOT over moisturize

  • Lightly slap the tattoo if it becomes itchy, never scratch or pick at the tattoo

  • You CAN shower with the wrap on the tattoo, as long as the seal is 100% over the tattooed skin

  • Stay Healthy: the healthier you are, the easier your body can heal 

  • Keep bedding & clothing clean. Try to wear loose fitting clothing in a soft fabric 

  • The less you do to the tattoo the better

  • If pimples appear, reduce the amount of moisturizer you are applying and/or use a non oil based product

  • Contact your doctor IMMEDIATELY if you develop a fever, the tattoo becomes hot to the touch, you start to develop spider web like veins coming from the tattoo, shortness of breath, dizziness or blurred vision 

What to avoid

  • NEVER Pick at or scratch the tattoo

  • Do NOT soak or submerge the tattoo: avoid baths, long showers, saunas, hot tubs, pools and natural bodies of water until ALL scabs are gone. If you have to go into water, you can purchase additional waterproof wraps from GRIM Studios

  • Avoid the sun & sun tanning - especially when a tattoo is fresh. UV rays cause tattoos to fade

  •  NEVER use products like Vaseline, coconut/almond/natural oils, essential oils, scented moisturizers, goats milk, Dettol, Betadine, Hydrogen Peroxide, baby oil, sea salts, epsom salts etc on a fresh tattoo

  • Do not over moisturize or clean

  • Do not allow jewelry or clothing to rub against the tattoo until completely healed

  • Do not use perfumes or makeup on the tattoo until completely healed

Thank you for choosing GRIM Studios. 
We hope you had a great experience and we hope to see you again soon.

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