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Do I Tip My Artist?

You don't have to tip but it's considered rude to go to a restaurant and not tip unless you received terrible service, tipping in a service industry is proper etiquette. A good number to work with for tipping is 10-15% but if that's to steep on a larger tattoo even $20 a session is better than nothing. Your artist splits all the money they make with the shop, they lose anwhere from 40-60%. They often have to supply all their own inks and supplies as well as machines, power supplies and accessories which can be anywhere from $500-$1000 per machine setup.

The tips they receive they keep 100%

Please always tip apprentices, typically apprentices work for 6months to sometimes over 2 years with no pay, your tips are the only thing that they get and are often the only way they can succeed in becoming a tattoo artist or piercer.

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Laura Victor
Laura Victor
Jan 20, 2022

First experience at Grim. And it was fantastic! Mat and the ladies made me feel right at home. Super professional. And LOVE my tattoo! Thank you for such a great experienc! I will be back! 💜💜

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