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How Do I Find MY Right Tattoo Artist?

Skill is definitely a factor, but there is absolutely nothing enjoyable about getting tattooed and hating the person who’s tattooing you. We recommend choosing an artist you enjoy, someone you can easily communicate with and someone who will make you feel comfortable. Some artists are very quiet when they work, you may feel anxious and small talk is something that makes you feel more comfortable, or you may rather tune out with headphones in and a chatty artist may be frustrating for you. You should have an artist who makes you feel completely confident in their ability to do their job and complete it, are they an artist who bounces around a lot? That may make getting work finished or touched up hard or completely impossible. Is your artist foreign? Make sure you are both on the same page artistically or that you trust them entirely to complete the piece to your expectations. There are hundreds of factors that go into choosing the right artist, but most importantly remember that you are never obligated to get tattooed by only one artist. Questions to Ask:

  • How long have you been an artist?

  • How long have you been at this shop? If less than 6 months - where you local before, where did you come from?

  • Are you planning on traveling/leaving in the time I am looking to have this piece done? When will you be back?

  • Have you done something similar to my design before? (if you haven’t seen anything in their portfolio- ask to see their portfolio)

Tip: Always Google your artist’s name and/or their shop - you should find a more complete portfolio, not just the things they want you to see as well as more reviews on sites like Yelp, Yahoo or Google.

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