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How Do I Prepare For My Tattoo Session

Whether this is your first tattoo or piercing appointment or 50th, there are things we always recommend in order to make the most of your appointment, and make the artists job as easy as possible!

Certain things should be common sense but unfortunately are often overlooked and after talking to hundreds of artists - we’ve included a few of the things they wish all clients would do before their appointments.

  • Shower, wear clean clothes, apply a fresh coat of Deodorant and brush your teeth, or at the very least - pop some gum

  • If you’ve booked the appointment before hand, communicate with the artist if you have to make any changes preferably as far ahead of time as possible, and if you do make last minute changes or if you have not booked beforehand expect to wait, it takes time to draw or design a good tattoo

  • Eat a good full meal before, a small latte from star bucks will not keep you comfortable for a 4 hour tattoo and it’s not always feasible or convenient to stop often for you to take a break because you’re feeling sick or because you want to go grab a snack.

  • Bring snacks, water and comfortable clothes

  • Bring headphones if you plan to listen to music, watch movies or even scroll through your Instagram/Facebook feed. there are few things more annoying then startling noises while tattooing or more distracting then a bunch of different noises all going on at once. You aren’t just bothering the artist, but other clients.

  • If you are coming for a long sitting, bring books or movies (and headphones), a phone, phone charger etc to keep you distracted and able to sit for as long as possible

  • If you are bringing someone with you - let them know the shop’s rules and common courtesies too. please don’t bring a lot of people with you, don’t be loud and obnoxious, don’t invite someone who cant sit still and don’t invite kids, or at very least - bring another adult who can remove said kids the second they start crying. It’s not that we don’t like kids, but some artists’ don’t like kids. other clients don’t always like kids. your artist / other artists are focusing and anything loud, shrill, random etc can cause them to get frustrated, flustered, cranky etc.

  • Do ask if you can bring something to make yourself feel more comfortable while you’re getting tattooed, sometimes you bringing a pillow can be the thing that makes you sit for the last 30min to make the tattoo great.

  • Start exfoliating the area a few days before the session, this will help reduce ingrown hairs from developing

  • Moisturize dry skin in the area

  • Check with your doctor about any moles, freckles etc in the area and if you have had any surgeries, are undergoing any type of medical processes (chemotherapy), if you have or have had cancers, if you have had any surgical procedures done in the area (lip injections with lip piercings or cosmetic tattooing)

  • If you’re on medications let your tattoo artist/piercer know. don’t ever get a piercing or tattoo if you’re pregnant or nursing

  • Do not drink or do any drugs for at least 24 hours before the tattoo or piercing

  • Try to get a good nights sleep before

  • Drink lots of water before the appointment to avoid your skin getting dehydrated and try to eat a balanced diet. Stress, poor diets, being dehydrated and having a cold/flu will weaken your body and make you sit worse, will make you feel weaker and potentially cause you to become physically ill during the process and will cause healing to take longer or actually cause your body not to heal correctly.

  • Please don’t change your ideas a bunch and please don’t call or message your artist at ungodly hours.

  • Never, ever ask a tattoo artist or piercer to come in on their days off or open early or stay late. you are literally a giant asshole if you do this and your artist will literally hate you for eternity. your artist is allowed time with their family, or to sleep, draw, go outside for a walk, have a hobby or actually just sit around doing nothing. if they offer too, that’s another story but please don’t be that client.

  • If the artist says no. accept it. do you really want to get something permanently done by someone who said no to doing it. if its their policy, personal choice or opinion - let them say no and if you’re stubborn and wont listen to why they said no if it’s for an actual reason (it won’t work, it’s a bad idea, etc) then it’s okay to get tattooed somewhere else. You are more than allowed to get tattooed by numerous artists at one shop or several shops.

  • If you know you’re a person who sweats heavily, please let your artist know so they can prepare to loose their stencil.

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