Questions to ask (before you even contact an artist)

It's easy to say "I WANT A TATTOO" but have you really thought about what that means? Here is our list of questions you should ask yourself before you head to instagram or yelp to search for your next artist - these questions will ensure you end up with the tattoo you really want at the right shop with the right artist- and all those things will make for the most comfortable and enjoyable tattoo experience for you and your artist!

Personal & Work Life

  • Is there a chance I may regret this at a later date?

  • How will this piercing or tattoo affect me today? Next week? Next Year?

  • Am I in a stable career that will not be affected by my choice to get this tattoo or piercing?

  • Do I want to change careers or advance my position? Will this hinder my chances of being hired in a new company or position?

  • Does this tattoo mean something special to me or am I getting this just because I want too?

  • Am I getting this because I want too or because it’s trendy or something someone else wants me to get?

  • What is my budget?


  • Do I know what I want? some people think that going in with an open mind as far as ideas for their design is better, but having a specific direction in mind as far as style, images, etc is definitely easier for the artist as we have something to work off of.

  • What am I not willing to compromise on as far as the tattoo design?

  • What do I want in the design but don’t HAVE to have?

  • Do I want something custom?

  • What are my goals with my body long term? Is this part of a sleeve? for example, if yes, then planning the whole thing ahead may be the best way to go, as a pre-planned cohesive tattoo tends to look nicer and clients tend to be happier with it once completed. It also tends to be less expensive as the artist can be more flexible in pricing if you’re committing to a few sittings over a course of time.

  • Do I understand the meaning of the design I want? ex. 3 dots under the eye or tear drops, illuminati symbols etc

  • If the design is a name or date, am I 100% positive it is correct?